Jeff Van Kley 4/1/2017
Very friendly staff. Really helpful. Priced right and gave me a good deal on trade.

Gus Martens 2/15/2017
The service guys were very helpful and help me get back on the road again

im Hoogendoorn 8/27/2016
Great service oriented dealership. I bought a used truck from them & broke down 4 1/2 hours away on a Saturday afternoon. My truck had an open warranty ticket but this trip had put me just over mileage, so it had to go to back to them. They sent a truck out with a loaner so I could haul the camper I was pulling back as well. Got a new engine in my truck & only a bill for towing which I gladly paid.

Google User 6/20/2013
VH auto made our new vehicle a priority. they found exactly what we were looking for. the vehicle exceeded expectations and the service after the sale has been exceptional.

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